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I’m not a nurse, can I still redeem an offer?

We feature deals that are exclusively available to nurses in America.  These retailers are showing their appreciation for the people that touch so many lives.  If you want to redeem one of these offers, you must be a nurse.  It’s called RN Perks™ because the American Nurses Association represents registered nurses, but these offers are available to every category of nurse.

How does RN Perks™ work?

We feature deals that are eligible to be redeemed by all nurses as long as the offer is valid and available from the retailers.  Our deals are subject to limitations and restrictions as enforced by the retailers.  We will always try to make sure the offers are up to date and valid, but if you ever run into any issues, we’ll try to help but can only offer what the retailers make available for nurses.

Usually, it’s as simple as copying a promotional code or clicking a button to take you directly to the offer.

Where can I provide feedback about RN Perks™?

We always want you to have a great experience with RN Perks, the American Nurses Association, and the retailers on this marketplace. That’s why if something wasn’t right with your experience, we kindly ask you to get in touch with us at . If you have good feedback, we love to hear that as well!

Why are you doing this?

We love and appreciate all nurses, and so do many companies.  We know how much care you provide your patients, families, and communities, and we want to say thank you for all that you do.

Do I have to register to take advantage of these offers?

No, you do not need to register to take advantage of these offers.

Do I have to be an RN?

No, again we value the care, hard work and commitment of all nurses.  Any nurse that wants to claim one of these offers is eligible.

Can I use this offer with deals, cash back or rewards from other deal sites?

Our deals are for ALL nurses but should not be combined with other offers.  It’s up to each retailer to determine whether they will combine offers, but we don’t offer that at this time.

I found an offer, but don’t know how to claim it?  To see an offer, click the image, and you should get a pop-up window that will explain what is being offered and provide you a code or a direct link to the retailer.  If you’re still having a problem, please let us know at

I found an offer, but it does not work. What happened?

Offers may be removed from time to time by the retailers making them invalid.  If that happens, we will work as quickly to find and replace that with another offer.  If you encounter any offers that don’t work, please let us know at

How do I vote for a coupon?

Thank you for wanting to vote. Currently, we don’t have this functionality, but we’re hope to provide this in the future.  If you love a deal, send the link or promotional codes to your fellow nurses to help them stretch their hard-earned dollars.

How do I submit a coupon?

If you work for a company that has an amazing offer for nurses, please share your promotion code with us at

How do I redeem an offer?

There are two ways:

Some retailers provide a promotional code which you can type in during the checkout process on their website when you place your order.  Please be aware that there may be certain limitations and restrictions made by the retailer about how often these codes can be used.

Other retailers will have a unique URL that when you click over will automatically apply the promotional value to during the checkout process.  Please check that it’s reflected before finalizing your checkout. 
If something doesn’t seem right, you can always ask the help team of the retailer or let us know at so that we can follow up with them as well.

Phishing attempts

Please be aware of Phishing attempts.  We will never ask for any credit card, payment, or personally identifiable information via email.  If you have any concerns, please let us know at

What is an In-Store promotion?

Some offers just don’t work over the internet.  Getting a massage or eating a restaurant are just better done on-site.  Please always make sure that the store is participating and will honor the offer before making your purchase, sometimes certain locations may not participate.

FAQs For Retailers

How do I participate as a retailer in RNperks?

Retailers can join RNperks for a free 30 day trial. To send your assets, including your logo, use the form found here, and then send to

After 30 days, to continue to be featured in RNperks, you must fill out and sign the agreement found here You can return the signed agreement to

Why am I not seeing my store?

Here are a few things to remember when partnering with RN Perks™:

In order to participate, you must be an authorized retailer.

Unfortunately, not all offers will be approved, because some products and services just don’t fit with our mission of supporting nurses.  If you have any questions, please let us know at

Why should I work with RN Perks™?

Working with us is easy, we just need a promo code or a unique deal URL, an explanation of the deal you want to offer nurses, an image, a logo, and a signed agreement.  If you have any questions, please let us know at


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